The Ribbon-Wood Elves

Ribbon-Wood Elves, The Ui Uilsen
We are the people of the Ribbon-Wood, creatures of the All Mind.  We are the seperated folk of the All Mind’s first communication with humanity.  We have been driven from all but the western edge of the Ribbon-Wood and now we could survive apart, but we value our contact with the all Mind.

We are not the ambassadors of the All Mind anymore, but we could be.  We need not converse with men, nor darkling, nor dragon, nor any creature among the heavens, still, we do.  Strange that we grow more curious and range more widely — or perhaps we seek from other minds the knowledge and communion of the community of the All Mind.

Perhaps, as we mingle with other folk, we are changed more than we know.  Still, seeking knowledge, and community we hide our true selves, our nature.  We come and go among these other groups only rarely do we carry away anything more than observations.  Still, we reach out cautiously to learn new things, even with all our past memories we add new and are changed.

Has anyone changed as much as us?  Little by little we have gone from appendage of the All Mind to, automaton, to atonomous tools, to depandant creatures, to people in league with the All Mind.  Who knows what we will one day be come?