Think of the trouble

I’m trying to help another author instead of doing my own writing. This may or may not be a diversion to keep me from having to do my own projects. I was deeply in love with my little tale, Tain: of Cattle and Love, a fantasy retelling of Romeo and Juliette for a little contest. Sadly it did not win, so what am I doing trying to help someone else write better?

I’ve found that I find a lot of insight into my own writing by looking at others. I see mistakes that I can’t see in my own work until I’ve criticized it in others. I got some feedback that suggested that my narrative was not clear. I make some assumptions, it seems, give clues that would be obvious to the devoted Celtiphile but which are opaque to the non-initiated. Regretable.

I hope to work through my little story with eyes to expanding peoples understanding of the milieu. Whether it will doom the nightmare feel I liked I can not say. Perhaps I can find someone to help me out with that.