Tonight on Coast

Tonight George talked to Michael Tsarion.  I have to say that in the past Michael has sounded at least somewhat Christian.  Tonight, not so much.  Here is his main website.

It’s fun to listen to Michael as he is originally from Ireland.  In fact he has some interesting ideas about Ireland and such on this page of his website.

Now Michael has some interesting ideas, some of which ring true.  He does go on about how an elite is controlling all of us and that is the subject of his new book/dvd offering.

I was a bit distrubed to see a lot about divination and such.  I don’t think any of us, even the very best thinkers, is immune to being drawn into error.  Therefore, I guess I have to say, that though I do believe that hyperdimensional forces are at work in the world today as they have been for many many years to enslave and degrade humanity, I’ll have to look a bit more at Mr. Tsarion’s work to know if he might be deluded from a truth into a rare and somewhat unused error.

Because I am no sure arbiter of truth I have to say too, I have been reminded that the unpardonable sin was not misbelief alone, but rather ascribing to Satan the works of the Holy Spirit.  A more familiar bromide is “Judge not that ye be not judged.”  Words to live by without abdicating all responsibility to “Test the spirits so you may discern which are from God.”



PS. It has been days and days and Coast keeps rolling on and tonight is yet another night.  Tonight one of the guests was Author Henry Kroll. Among the topics he discussed was the early history of Earth and how it transformed from a gas planet with an atmosphere too dense to admit much solar energy into a life-sustaining one. I think he believes that Sol had a close approach to a binary star system with a total of about 3.5 solar masses and at that time there was enough energy to warm earth out of its deep freeze and we are currently heading back toward that binary, and might possibly become a trinary star system.  He had some other interesting thoughts such as that giants and dinosaurs were products of a thicker atmosphere on Earth. Henry Kroll sells his book here.

George also talked to Stephen Bassett, a UFOlogist, who is trying to get disclosure by rebranding it as exopolitics.  Steve feels that more people can be interested in the politics of extraterrestrial involvement and/or the terrestrial stonewalling of people who want to know.  Good luck Steve.  Check him out here.  Interested in exopolitics?  Look here.  And here.  Wana talk about it?  Try here.