Unity from Diversity Should Be Our Goal

What’s Boiling in the Melting Pot

I’ve been stewing a couple of days now and it is my current excuse for not writing.  I started two posts and they languish as drafts because I wasn’t getting to my point fast enough.

So here it is:  Unlike Gen. Casey I do not believe that diversity, in and of itself, is a valuable goal.  Despite being informed over and over that it is our diversity that makes us strong in mandated training instigated by the same government that gave us Gen. Casey I do not believe it.  It is idiocy as a goal and as a belief. 

Everyone knows that it is unity that brings strength, even in yearly mandated brain-washing sessions it is clear that the trainers desperately want us to be unified in our belief that diversity is desirable or even the key to our success.  It is not.

Diversity is an irritant.  Diversity of opinion causes confusion and disagreement.  Diversity of purpose leads to failure.  And diversity in our military, as the primary goal of the U.S. Army, led directly to the deaths of 19 and the wounding of 30 more.  How many who were not so catastrophically injured as the wounded and dead were terrorized by this act or disillusioned or damaged by this man as he pursued Jihad instead of his sworn duty as a U.S. soldier?

E Pluribus Unum

Diversity is our condition in the United States of America.  It is a reality that has advantages and provides opportunities IF IF IF IF IF we are united.  From many one or if I may, OUT OF OUR DIVERSITY UNITY.  But friends, country-men, we have been deceived into believing that diversity for diversities own sake is good.  Think a moment.  It is not.

On the Statue of Liberty there is an inscription that includes the words, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breath free. . .” There are a lot of huddled masses in the world.  Fact: we can’t take them all.  So which ones?  . . . yearning to breath free!

Now, I don’t believe this inscription is law, but accidentally, perhaps without intention, it speaks the truth.  The United States grew strong as people from all over the world came here to pursue freedom. 

THAT is what United us.

We are stuck now on the huddled masses, some want a free hand out, not freedom.  We don’t want any-one’s feelings hurt instead of insisting on freedom of speech.  We let people come here and live here illegally, we let people live in their diverse communities within our borders and not assimilate.  We let people come here who don’t want to be here and want to recreate their home-land here.  Give us your poor LONGING TO BREATH FREE.  Give us your down trodden LONGING TO BREATH FREE.  Give us your huddled masses and have them melt into our country not bring their diversity and not share our central ideal of freedom.  Come here if you want to BREATH FREE. 

Frankly, if you don’t want that you really need to leave.  There is only one place like the United States of America.  Only one place that was founded on this idea of freedom.  There is no place left on Earth where you can go if you are Longing to Breath Free and we loose America.

So someone so highly placed as Gen. Casey yammering on about how a worse tragedy than 19 dead would be to loose our diversity just makes me want to puke.  This on the end of contemplating putting people in prison who don’t or can’t buy government approved insurance, on the end of taxation consuming half our work lives, added to more taxation and more government control of our freedom of movement masquerading as Capt. Planet.

I just want to vomit. . .

No, you know what it is?


I long to breath free.