What to do, what to do, and when? (a writer’s plight)

What to Do

What to do, what to do, and how do I find the time to do it?  I need to use this resource, but where is the time? I have to say that 2015 saw a huge decline in my available writing time. I literally don’t have half the time I was counting on and it has had the effect that you can well imagine. I think the only solution is developing a larger amount of dedicated writing time on weekends.  That would be increasing the current value from zero, not that difficult, but I’ve already thought I should do this and failed to this point.

The Struggle

I HAVE spent some time reading writing how-to books with my daughter. I think that has been an excellent use of time because it achieves two goals: writing and being a dad. I think the second goal is the more important and I think that explains why I feel guilty about taking time to write on the weekend when there are so many husbandly, fatherly, spiritual leadery, basic maintency, friendy, etc.(y) things that I know I need to do.

Almost none of that stuff I feel guilty about gets done anyway, but I feel like I need to sit down with the family and relate my guilt to them, make a start on doing the other stuff, and beg them for some time to do a little guilt free writing.  Hey, I could use some help to.


Everybody has to balance their lives. Here at the beginning of 2016 and a half century into my life I have got to admit that I suck at it. I know I have this problem and now you do too. Confession is good for the soul. Let’s see if having confessed I can be a better man.

L. Stephen O’Neill