What’s to be done with the weather?

Dear Readers,

I’ve only got a couple of minutes, but let me just say, something needs to be done about climate fraud.  Before the EPA and the Obama administration takes one more step down the “Ban All Breathing”, suicidal, Eco-Marxist inspired, (de)Cap(itate) and Trade(away our future),  maybe we need to get a grip and look at facts instead of  the fabrications of Climate Gate “Scientists”.

I admit, I was wrong when I said that there is no man caused global warming.  It appears now that a few scientists have created it out of whole cloth and foisted it on us.  Yep, they created it with data manipulation, erasure, and an inbred “peer-review” system that had lots to do with rubber-stamping political allies work, but nothing at all to do with science.

The science has been shown to be swiss cheese, not settled.  Still, the political wing of the “CO2 is killing us” crowd continues.  Fact means nothing to politics and that is why the idiocy of Cap and Trade can proceed (really it is the only rational way that it could have been contemplated at all).

As I’ve mentioned before, the plan to knee cap our trade makes no rational sense.  The less we manufacture the more China and India do, the net effect is not only negligible, in global terms, it is the inverse of what you want.  Making things on the other side of the world and shipping it to America is not CO2 efficient, it isn’t efficient in any way at all.  It is demonstrably and obviously stupid. 

If you think you are smart because you believe in Global Warming but you can’t wrap your brain around the proceeding, you are a lost cause and should not breed.  Let me reinterate that point by telling you that it is your duty, since you believe this, NOT to breed and crowd out superior organisms, humans use energy that causes CO2, also they breathe, more CO2, also, especially the vegetarians, pass gas (fart) this methane, molecule for molecule, traps hundreds of times more heat than CO2.  So please, for the polar bears, enough with the cabbage and the beans.

Okay, I’ve slipped into some classic rip riffs on the stupidity that is Anthropogenic Global Warming.  It’s just so stupid I can’t stand it.  It is SO stupid that to anybody who really thinks about it the political nature and purpose of the thing is clear.  Why CO2?  Because that’s what energy produces, energy use makes us productive and free.  Marxists (like BO) don’t like people mobile, free, or even productive really.  They want dependant serfs.

What is remarkable, and why I bother to mention this again, is that it is being revealed that the idea of Anthropogenic Global Warming came before the science. (smirk) I mean “Science.”  Why is Obama still rushing ahead with this?  To save the planet?  Just more evidence that it isn’t “Science” it is REALLY Marxist politics.