Why Is Steve Writing Fiction?

Because he has this outlet to do it
What drives me to write?  Read about the Author, L. Stephen O’Neill, HERE.  Get an idea of where I’m going with some of this stuff on my Stories Page.  I’m writing a novel called The Abbott and the Djinn, you can read the first draft as I write it.  So, to answer the basic question above, I am writing fiction to develop my skills as a novelist.
I have ideas, stories, opinions that I think are important, that I want to express.  But then everyone has their opinions, call it their voice, though not everyone is bold enough or narcissistic enough to expect to be heard.  This is a time when even talentless hacks can shout their drivel to the world.
With all the shouting, it isn’t likely that even voices of quality will find much of an audience.  Bold, or talentless, or narcissistic, I’m shouting and hoping to find people who will listen.  I’m practicing too.  I need to practice, ummm, read some of my stuff HERE.
So, opinion is a dime a dozen thousand.  REALLY, opinion is worthless, err, in my opinion.  What one needs to be heard is expertise.  You really need to know what you’re talking about.
Now riddle me this: Where can a person without the reputation of knowing it all, who can’t point to some documented experience or fame, who has no degree or professional license know more than any other person on Earth? 
I’m thinking Fiction.
Well, I have set pretty low standards above, it might seem that I have a low opinion of fiction.  By basically saying, “if anyone can write fiction, why not me?”  I’m not exactly setting the bar to stratospheric levels.
But I DO have a high opinion of fiction.  In this entertainment culture, something that entertains beats college degrees, or experience, it beats just about anything but fame.  
I think that fiction provides a venue where you can examine interesting ideas in a non-threatening environment.  Sometimes the strangest idea can make sense when presented by an engaging fictional character in an interesting story when you might not even bother with it otherwise.
Stories That Grow in the Telling

Tir na Nua means the new land.  That is appropriate, as I work out both detail and the craft of writing here on these pages.  New can mean rough and unrefined, but it can also mean fresh.  I hope, more than the former, that my take on Celtic myth and legend and in particular Irish lore, is a fresh take on a fascinating people and time.  The why and how of what I’m doing on these pages are on my Author’s page: HERE

I have in mind several novels, but I had made little progress putting them on paper in a traditional manner.  A friend encouraged me to write a blog and I decided to do it when I realized that I could write fiction in a blog format instead of engaging in the usual navel gazing that populates my conception of what a blog is (in particular one that I might write.)

SO, to begin writing, I have taken breaks and lunches at my current J.O.B. to fictionalize.  I think of these stories as my writer’s note-book, writing exercises, process, and I confess that they are rough because they are not well thought out AND because it has been a pretty long time since I’ve done much more than think about writing.

Anyway, here is a page that gives access to some of these Stories.


Free CELTIC Fiction

My hope is to create fiction that speaks to the Celtic Heart.  I have enjoyed the journey of discovery that I’ve taken starting with the name of an ancient Irish King, Niall Noigillach

I’m a little nervous that my current skill does not do it justice, nervous to present what I have done so far.  I found myself writing about Eskimos and Ismaelites and the Elven instead of what I really intend to present.  Well, that should not be.  Warts and all here is a new story that I rip from Celtic legend and set in my new world, Tir na Nua, the Red Son of Concubar.


   Rough Draft Fiction Free Online

I don’t pretend to be a polished novelist.  Let’s just say I’m a work in progress.  Still, despite getting B’s in English (I thought I had done better than that, but I guess Mr. White wasn’t as complimentary as I remembered), I always wanted to write fiction and I felt like I could.
Putting my unfiltered first efforts out onto the web might not be a good idea.  On the other hand it had been years and I hadn’t written a thing.  For me at this point in my life I think it is preferable.

After all, I’m a man with a story. Even my name, O’Neill, has tales attached to it (like this one of the Hand Gules that is prominent in our heraldry,) but don’t we all? I love old tales, tales of heroes, tales of real people in strange times and strange people in real times. I have wanted to write such tales and, prodded by my friend, Jeffery, I have.


My Polished Stones

Since this is my process, a good deal of it is rough here as I begin.  My hope is to get better and better at writing Celtic Fiction so that reading it free will become a bargain and not a chore.  I plan to work on a few of my stories to make works of fiction closer to my potential.  That is, I plan to polish them by rewriting them for your reading pleasure and in particular the reading pleasure of those who might come across this sight and have little patience for my early fumblings unfiltered from my imagination?

Recently I’ve realized that I should not.  My first goal was to get something, anything here, secondly I NEEDED to write because it had been a long time since I had.  I have courted your opinion to no effect, but then why should I expect it?  Do I read other’s work and offer up my opinion, my help?  Not recently and can I help? 

So, I intend to polish up a few of the stories that have accumulated.  The raw novelization of the Abbott and the Djinn will continue, undoubtedly I’ll put up more unfiltered imaginings like the Deer Riders and Child of Moss.  Then, in a section before those unpolished stones, I will begin to offer some that have had my attention and effort so that you can judge me or at least have a better chance of being reliably entertained.  Some may read on to the raw.  HERE is the page that will list the more polished work. (it is currently empty <sigh>)

I hope this explains some of the why of me.  For now, welcome, and please tell me what you like or you don’t.  I value your insights.