What’s Celtic about Mermaids?

Tell the Truth

Before I ever knew one thing about Celticness (Celtiocity?) I loved “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.”  I’m sure down deep there was the sensitivity to bagpipes, but I’d never heard their call.  There was also a mermaid on “Marine Boy,” but really my major desire was to live and work on the Calypso. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Undersea_World_of_Jacques_Cousteau

True, this was still an unformed and amorphous childlike desire akin to wanting to be a fireman, but it was my dream.  In fact, after watching an episode I delighted in imagining that our house was actually some waterine cave system or old wreck and I an intrepid aquaneer.  I would pretend that the floor was a nearby wall and instead of gravity holding me to it I was floating nearby and chair legs etal. became obstacles.

Perhaps this translated to a general interest in Science.  I still like Science, but living in the middle of the country made marine biology an unlikely career.  Jacques had a bunch of sons and I didn’t even speak French.  Really my chances were not that good.  I shelved dreams of the Calypso. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RV_Calypso

I’m Not That Interested, But I Should Be

So there are Celtic legends of Selkies, beautiful women who shed seal skins to come ashore and walk among men.  They make fine wives if you can find and keep their seal skins.  But, if I’m honest, that’s not how I come to it.  Truth is my daughter is mad for them, mermaids that is, and so I’m going to write some mermaid stories and see if she wants to write along with me.

. . . and considering my childhood interest in what’s under the surface of the sea, I’ve got to think this is a milieu that should excite me.  Perhaps there will be room for a bit of Celtic overlay as I get into this project.  So, I’m two posts into Ko and the Widening Sea.  No Celticness yet, but I haven’t even made it to the part about the land inhabitants of the island.  Perhaps there is a place for the influences.

Where I Want it to Go

Mostly I want to have a project with my daughter that does not involve some sort of fan fiction.  I don’t understand her focus on something she can never publish.  This undersea fixation with mermaids though, this might be right up my alley.  I’m hoping we can work well together.

Like Jacques Cousteau and his sons, it would be fun to work together with my girl.

Mermaids on the Brain

I’ve been struggling to get something written. Another project might not be the best idea, but I’m hoping that all I need to do with this one is get the ball rolling.  This story is washing around in my head, so I think I can afford a little bit of time to set the stage and provide my daughter and me a writing topic that we are both interested in.